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EVERYDAY EXPERT is currently developing a documentary series.  Please stay tuned for updates, as well as visit our friends at HUDSY.tv, a new video platform centered in the Hudson Valley sharing stories and storytellers of this region -- including some of our content. 

Check out the recap video from our First Season 

Watch the Recap of our First Season  

About EveryDay Expert

Everyday Expert is a locally-sourced series which highlights local experts and passionate amateurs alike whom present upon a broad range of themes, disciplines, and ideas. Each episode or live event showcases  Everyday Experts whom offer compelling and thought-provoking presentations of their work and discussions regarding its importance in building culture and community. The live events are concluded by a panel discussion where all three experts are able to engage each other, as well as respond to questions from the audience. Each event's content will vary by month, yet the Everyday Expert is geared towards inspiration, creativity, conscious-living, sustainability, nature-awareness, and community-building themes.  

The Everyday Expert mission is fourfold: 

1) Showcase the amazing and diverse people of the Mid-Hudson Valley, and provide a space for them to share their gifts, work, and passions with their local community. 

2) Start important conversations regarding conscious-living, creativity, inter-disciplinary exploration, inspiration, and civic-engagement.  

3) Present meaningful and grassroots education to the local community that is professional, heart-centered, and affordable. Here community members of all ages and backgrounds may continue to learn and find inspiration in a diversity of realms, as well as network with other like-minded people. 

4) Elevate us all to begin to see ourselves and others as "Everyday Experts" -- honoring our talents and passions, while also providing a potent call to engage and take initiative in our own lives.  

In this light, we may begin to all see our own lives as our greatest work, while also feeling supported and networked as we share and cross-pollinate across disciplines.  This format uses creativity and inspiration as the foundation of community-building and 'out-of-the-box' thinking. Everyday Expert also aims to directly foster unexpected and unique collaboration. Inter-disciplinary by design, Everyday Expert showcases experts from diverse backgrounds, as well as cross-pollinates content from seemingly different fields. Within the technological age, the value of human ingenuity is increasingly within the ability to see across disciplines, and then synthesize meaningful conclusions and action. Everyday Expert is founded on this synthesis, while simultaneously encouraging audience members to expand, connect, explore, and diversify their own pursuits. 







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