Greetings friends of Everyday Expert and the ELEE Series. Three years ago Everyday Expert embarked on the journey of bringing together local individuals to share passionate and interdisciplinary presentations at the Rosendale Theatre. Called the ELEE Series, Everyday Expert aimed to cross-pollinate ideas and start conversations about important issues — societal, philosophical, and psychological — while re-elevating the individual and personal experience as fertile ground for connection and insight. As the world encounters the current pandemic and all the challenging and uncertain questions regarding human society and development, this time has presented an invitation to revisit these diverse presentations with our renewed interest in localism, community education, and perspectives that transcend disciplines. Over the next months Everyday Expert will re-release a sequence of these filmed presentations from our first two seasons on Hudsy.TV. We begin this re-release one week from today on April 21st at 7pm with Micah Blumenthal. In his presentation Micah explores and defines the “social architect”. How do we participate in the creation of ourselves and our society? How do we take responsibility for our ability to construct or design through our actions, thoughts, and ideas? The personal meets the universal as we question the “Us vs. Them” paradigm that underlies much of our thinking. Micah shares part of his own story as he threads together powerful ways of seeing social action and identity.

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